22 Sep 2011

Partners for Sustainability now available in French

By Martin Fowlie
Partners for Sustainability – What BirdLife is doing for People and the Planet, is now available for download in French (as well as English and Spanish). This report highlights BirdLife’s work around the world which combines biodiversity conservation with sustainable development. The report describes the strategies and projects being implemented by BirdLife and its Partners to address the global challenge of sustainable development. One of the key requirements for a sustainable future is an empowered network of civil society organisations, linked from local to global levels, and committed to equity across the world and down the generations. The transition to sustainability needs to be driven by social change, coordinated by grassroots organizations that work together to mobilise transformation in the attitudes and behaviour of people everywhere. To achieve the scale and scope of change required, BirdLife supports an empowered civil society movement that is committed to equity, fully aware of the fundamental importance of the goods and services nature provides, but also inspired by a recognition of nature’s intrinsic value, and its links to the deep-rooted beliefs, ethics and traditions of every human culture. Since the late 1990s, BirdLife has been building a network of grassroots organisations at Important Bird Areas which ensure that conservation contributes to better livelihoods, social justice, equity and respect for human rights. Partners for Sustainability shows how BirdLife is helping to create the empowered civil society networks to address the challenges that the world faces.
  • In Fiji, an Local Conservation Group (LCG) has been established, and the forest owning clans (mataqalis) are working with BirdLife to manage over 6,000 ha of land sustainably for ten years.
  • The Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO) is an LCG working for the conservation of the Kikuyu Escarpment forest Important Bird Area (IBA) in Kenya. KENVO has partnered with Nature Kenya (BirdLife Partner), the Kenya Forest Working Group and other Kenyan NGOs and has played a key role in influencing the adoption of a more inclusive national Forest Act that empowers local communities to participate in forest management.
  • In Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB, BirdLife Partner) worked with local people and other NGOs to oppose the routing of the Struma motorway through the Kresna Gorge, a hugely important biodiversity corridor . Agreement was reached on the design of a new 16-km tunnel through the gorge, which avoided priority habitats and species.
  • In Cameroon Bagyeli and Bakola hunter-gatherers are being helped to meet citizenship requirements to secure their rights to land and resources
  • A community in Egypt has been empowered to persuade a powerful construction company to change its environmentally destructive behaviour
  • Villagers in the Inner Gulf of Thailand are restoring mangrove ecosystems devastated by years of unsustainable shrimp-farming, and have organised to lobby for better protection of mangroves by government
This news is brought to you by the BirdLife Local Empowerment Programme. You can download Partners for Sustainability - What BirdLife is doing for People and the Planet in English, French and Spanish.