30 Mar 2012

The new BirdLife Australia website is live!

By BirdLife Australia is the place to go for everything about Australia’s birds and their conservation. Whether you want help to learn more about our native birds, wish to find out about some of the important conservation work we do, or perhaps want to get involved with those who share your passion for birds in your local area – it’s all ready and waiting for you. A few tips and facts about the new site:
  • Navigating our new website is easy with large white drop down boxes that give you all of our content at a glance
  • Look out for the incredible All about Birds section – it’s been developed just for the new site and we think it’s great!
  • This is phase 1 of the new website development and phase 2 will come later in the year with even more on offer
The new website brings together the work of Birds Australia and Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (BOCA), the two organisations that merged to create BirdLife Australia (BirdLife Partner). Thank you for being part of our truly motivated community of bird lovers, and helping us to create a bright future for Australia’s birds. Explore, Learn, Discover, Enjoy! Subscribe to The BirdLife Pacific Quarterly E-Newsletter