28 Jul 2010

Launch of Wetland Globe International Wetland Awards

By Nick Askew
The World Wetland Network, an international initiative comprising over 200 wetland NGOs from across the globe, is today launching a new set of awards to recognise best practice in wetland management, and to highlight wetlands in crisis. The awards, known as the Wetland Globes, offer local community and grassroots groups an international voice on how their local wetlands are managed. At a time when rivers, swamps and lakes everywhere are coming under increasing pressure from population rises and climate change, we need to be taking extra care of our wetlands and recognising their long term value for wildlife, water storage, flood regulation, and recreation and culture. The scheme forms part of approach of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands to promote wise use of wetlands everywhere. The awards scheme will highlight both best practice, where wetlands are well managed, but will also award ‘gongs’ for those wetlands that are either being neglected or actively degraded by human activities, often for short-term economic gain. All NGOs are invited to vote on their wetlands of national or international importance at starting in March 2010 and the awards will be announced at the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference in Japan in October 2010. The Wetland Globes are generously supported by the Spanish Fundación Biodiversidad.