4 Nov 2010

Hope for Tasmania’s forests

By BirdLife Australia
Birds Australia (BirdLife Partner) have just reported that there is a ray of hope for Tasmania’s beleaguered forests and the birds and other creatures that call them home. For 30 years we have seen community conflict and the destruction of vast swathes of Tasmania's native forests, including crucial breeding habitat for Swift Parrots, but last week an unprecedented agreement was reached between the Tasmanian Government, the forest industry, timber communities, unions and the conservation movement. This new 'Statement of Principles' should pave the way for the salvation of Tasmania’s native forests, stopping the logging of high-value forests by early next year. All it needs now to be put into practice is the backing of the Federal Government — and without Canberra’s endorsement, the whole process will collapse. It is vital for us all to show our support for this historic agreement so that Canberra will heed the call. The Australian Native Forests Charter has been set up to illustrate support from the general public. To show your support, head to the Australian Native Forests Charter and sign the petition. It’s easy, and will take just a few seconds but it will have a lasting effect. Do it for Tasmania’s birds and the forests they live in.