27 Mar 2013

Happy Birthday Forest & Bird

By BirdLife Pacific

Donald Stewart, Director of the BirdLife Pacific Partnership, wishes Happy 90th Birthday to our BirdLife Partner in New Zealand. Dear Forest and Bird,  In the 90 years since Forest and Bird’s forerunner – the New Zealand Native Bird Protection Society - was born, much has changed in our world. What hasn’t changed, though, are the threat levels posed to the continuing survival of too many bird species, with causes now expanded to include climate change and other factors. More than ever, there is a need for Forest and Bird to encourage its members, and the wider public, to take action to safeguard the wonderful natural environment of New Zealand.  The Society has been determinedly at the forefront of these efforts for many years and long may it carry on this critically important role.  So it is globally with BirdLife International, which also celebrates this year the 90th anniversary of its predecessor, the International Council for Bird Preservation, an organisation that set out with the objective, ultimately successful, of putting an end to the widespread slaughter of wild birds which were at that time used in the making of fashionable hats. Since then, we have evolved into a world-wide organisation of conservation NGOs with national Partners, including Forest and Bird, in 117 countries. We are proud and appreciative of the role the Society undertakes in BirdLife International, including representation on our Global Council and advice and encouragement to our smaller Partners in the Pacific Islands.  We share a commitment to the same approach to biodiversity conservation – that of working with members at the local level to produce beneficial changes at national and international levels.  So, very Happy 90th Birthday wishes to both Societies! We look forward to another 90 years of guarding the future of our environment for those who come after us. Sincerely,  Don