10 Sep 2012

Funding for birds in woodlands and beaches down-under

By BirdLife Australia

Funding for conservation is becoming increasingly difficult to secure, so it is with great pride that BirdLife Australia (BirdLife Partner) can announce that the efforts of our successful and highly regarded ‘Woodland Birds for Biodiversity’ and ‘Beach-nesting Birds’ projects have both been recognised as outstanding by the Australian Government, which has agreed to fund them for another year through the Caring For Our Country program.

This funding will allow both projects to continue to enhance the survival of the threatened birds of the bush and the beach through a combination of informed management of these habitats and the effective engagement and education of local communities, backed up by rigorous research and regular monitoring. Both projects have been particularly successful in achieving their aims in recent years, with flocks of Endangered Regent Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots recently recorded on land that has been covenanted with the assistance of the WBfB project specifically for the conservation of threatened woodland birds, while the survival rate of Hooded Plovers has increased by 400% on some beaches thanks to effective monitoring and stewardship by staff and volunteers from the BNB project.

Congratulations to all involved — you deserve it!