25 Jul 2012

Fiji’s first Framework for IBA Monitoring

By BirdLife Pacific
The BirdLife Pacific Secretariat has just published a user friendly guide to monitoring Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Fiji. A Guide to Monitoring Important Bird Areas in Fiji provides detailed guidance on how to assess threats to IBAs through a scoring system based on state (condition of the site and its biodiversity value), pressure (threats to an IBA), and response (variables that track conservation action at an IBA) indicators. “The book is a framework to assess the state of Fiji’s IBAs, threats that may affect them, and any conservation actions being undertaken to protect these IBAs”, said Don Stewart – BirdLife Pacific Director. The handbook was compiled based on BirdLife International’s global IBA monitoring framework, and although it focuses specifically on examples from Fiji, the tools are universally appropriate and definitely applicable to the region. “The book has been designed so simple and minimal data can be collated by all levels of stakeholders, including community groups, government forestry workers and project staff”, said Miliana Ravuso – BirdLife Pacific Programme Coordinator. “Having such a manual in place to dictate the inflow of information about IBAs provides a mechanism for conveying strong technical and scientific information to national data therefore informing national and regional policies”. Copies of the manual can be sourced at the BirdLife International Pacific Secretariat office in Suva, Fiji. Please contact Miliana Ravuso at Subscribe to The BirdLife Pacific Quarterly E-Newsletter