14 Oct 2015

Colouring-in to save the wonderful birds of Fiji

Adult colouring-in
Colour-in drawing by Anne and Cathy O'Brien
By Mike Britton

When people think of a Pacific paradise it is often the images of Fiji that come to mind.  It is a wonderful place with untouched forests and exotic wildlife.  But protecting nature and birds can only happen with the support of the local communities – and with resources.  BirdLife’s Fiji partner, NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is working with these communities to help them protect the nature that is special to them and develop sustainable livelihoods to support them into the future.

Growing the appreciation of nature in communities is the secret to saving it.  That is the motive behind the Colour-In Paradise, an adult colouring-in book developed by Anne and Cathy O’Brien.  Adult colouring books are hugely popular for their stress relieving properties and their ability to bring out our inner child. The aim is that as people colour the beautiful hand drawn impressions of Fiji’s unique creatures, they will not only relax and have fun as they de-stress, but also fall in love with the animals and plants they are colouring.

The books will have 20 intricate drawings of Fiji’s beautiful flora and fauna and be perfect for anyone interested in wildlife or looking to make a difference.  The money from the sale of books and associated products will go towards helping many of the creatures that are being coloured in: the Fijian flying fox, red throated lorikeet, Fiji petrel and crested iguana to name a few.

Anne and Cathy are raising £4000 to enable them publish the book, postcards and prints.  You can help my making a small donation.  Please visit the site below and make a contribution to this different but fun initiative.