EU Elections 2019 - Our oceans need your vote!



Our oceans are dying, and we will go down with it unless we change. According to the most recent global assessment of how nature is performing, one third of our corals are threatened with extinction, with already 50% of the live corals killed off in the last 150 years. Fishing has shown to be the biggest driver of biodiversity loss and the EU has one of the biggest industrial fishing sectors in the world. 87% of the Mediterranean Sea is overfished. The EU not only destroys its own seas, but also overexploits other countries fish stocks and biodiversity. The picture is grim, but even grimmer is that the EU has no political commitment to fix this and is not taking responsibility. This is clear from the recent 2018 analysis by the European Commission: the EU will not achieve Good Environment Status by 2020.



Between the 23rd and 26th of May, Europeans will take to the ballot box to elect 751 national representatives into the European Parliament – a crucial body that helps shape and decide on European laws. These representatives also elect the President of the European Commission, deciding the path Europe will take for the next five years. Needless to say, the more representatives we select who want to protect nature and fight against climate change, the greener, and more pro-environmental EU policies will be.

If you love nature, you have to vote. Voting for political parties that support green policies (i.e. the ban of single-use plastics, the biodiversity protection directive or the introduction of air pollution laws) will protect nature and our future. The EU has the most progressive and effective body of laws protecting nature on the planet. But that can all be changed if the representatives we vote into the European Parliament do not understand the urgency of fighting for nature. In our manifesto, we list the most urgent steps the new parliament must take in order to protect nature.  

If you want to find out which of your national parties are eager to act on climate change, check out this list!

The EU has been driving a blue growth agenda at the cost of our marine environment. Politicians need to stop twiddling their thumbs and fix the problem and apply effective management such as fishing moratoriums, no-go zones for all human activities, banning single use plastic. We need to give nature a chance.


Here's an overview of the MEPs that voted for nature in the Common Fisheries Policy 



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