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Satellites Keep Eye on Mangroves within Largest Barrier Reef System in the Americas

Wed, 03/11/2010
The Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC), recently completed a World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-financed study of the mangrove ecosystems which are a crucial part of the Belize Barrier Reef Complex – the world’s second largest coral reef system – and part of the broader Mesoamerican Reef Ecoregion.

Project to save reefs from climate change launched

Mon, 01/11/2010
Nature Seychelles (BirdLife Partner) have launched an innovative project to restore damaged corals in Seychelles called Reef Rescuers - Restoring Coral Reefs in the Face of Climate Change at its office the Centre for Environment and Education in Roche Caiman in the presence of Seychelles Minister for Investment, Natural Resources & Industry, Peter Sinon, US Ambassador to the Seychelles Mary Jo Wills, partners from government and the civil society, and other guests.

COP10 makes historic agreement to save biodiversity

Fri, 29/10/2010
Nagoya, 0140 - Weary delegates rose to their feet in a spontaneous standing ovation to celebrate a historic deal to save biodiversity and the planet

Concurso: Ponle el nombre al ave simbolo del Festival Mundial de las Aves

Thu, 28/10/2010
Como sabemos el Festival Mundial de las Aves se celebró este año como otros con gran éxito

Erzhan helps locate important new staging site for Sociable Lapwing in Turkey

Thu, 28/10/2010
On October 10th, 554 Sociable Lapwings were located in central eastern Turkey - the largest flock of migrating Sociable Lapwings encountered so far this autumn marking the discovery of an important new staging site.

Murales de aves en noroccidente de Pichincha

Wed, 27/10/2010
Como parte del Festival Mundial de las Aves 2010 en Ecuador, Aves & Conservación trabajó con escuelas y colegios del noroccidente de la provincia de Pichincha realizando murales de las aves propias de la zona con el apoyo de su Proyecto “Gestión Ambiental Local para la Conservación Participativa de tres IBAS en el Noroccidente de Pichincha”.

Eco-tourism development in north Andros, Bahamas

Wed, 27/10/2010
The Bahamas National Trust (BirdLife in the Bahamas) pursues community engagement to develop ecotourism enterprises and wildlife management in north-east Andros, Bahamas.

Now or never: action to stop impending extinctions is announced

Wed, 27/10/2010
Developing countries will be in a better position to halt the extinction of species that are hanging by a very thin thread, under a new partnership sponsored by the Global Environment Facility.