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Rio+20: where it should lead

Thu, 28/06/2012
The RSPB and Green Alliance have asked leaders from politics, business, NGOs, economics, science and the youth movement,to give their views in a collection of essays, Rio+20: where it should lead.

Reflections on Rio – reaffirming and renewing...

Mon, 25/06/2012
As the 50,000 participants travel home after ten days of discussing The Future We Want, the outcome document from the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), it’s time to reflect on the substance of what was agreed.

Director, Important Bird Areas Program for Audubon

Mon, 25/06/2012
The Director will help implement Audubon's new strategic plan around hemispheric bird conservation organized around flyways.

Latest news from BirdLife delegates at Rio+20

Fri, 22/06/2012
Direct from the RIO+20 conference Carolina Hazin shares her experiences and insight.

Commitment of missing Head of States to RIO+20...

Thu, 21/06/2012
What Heads of States or ministers have to say to the world about sustainability and the committment of some of their fellow leaders.

Civil Society influence on RIO+20 minimal as...

Thu, 21/06/2012
There was much applause for the representative of NGO during his speech at the RIO+20 opening plenary - "don't waste your power! Instead of attending to the narrow interests of individual governments, leaders should be inspired to change the world"

NGO statement given to Governments at RIO+20...

Thu, 21/06/2012
Read Wael Hmaidan's statement on behalf of civil society and NGOs attending RIO+20

World's oldest international conservation...

Wed, 20/06/2012
At midday on 20 June 1922, a remarkable group of people from different countries met in London and concluded that the only effective answer to the threats facing birds across the continents had to be through co-ordinated international action. So was born the International Council for Bird Preservation (now BirdLife), 90 years old today.

Sign 'the future we don't want' e-...

Tue, 19/06/2012

RIO+20 negotiations are not going to give the future than many people and the planet ne

It's all about economics at Rio

Mon, 18/06/2012
What's at stake is who will pay the bill, and who will sustain a country to adopt changes in favour of sustainable development.

Whose interests are being addressed at RIO+20?

Sat, 16/06/2012
At the end of each day the United Nations have created an open space for discussion among civil society and givernments on the RIO+20 agenda. Apparently 70% of the Rio+20 outcome document is from civil society input, but how much of it will be left after negotiations?

Working towards a green economy in Tanzania

Thu, 14/06/2012
The Uluguru Mountains support a rich cloud forest that is home to plants and animals which are found nowhere else in the world, including the Critically Endangered Uluguru Bush-shrike.

From BirdLife Zimbabwe's diary...

Thu, 14/06/2012
BirdLife Zimbabwe runs a very active Environmental Education Department, which includes Wildlife Clubs and the Bird Awareness Programme for schools. The Department has been very busy these last few weeks.

Rio+20 is an opportunity to fast-track the...

Thu, 14/06/2012
A new report “Building an Inclusive Green Economy” says a transition to a green economy could lift millions of people out of poverty and inequality as well as help the environment.

'We can't fail!' - but still to...

Thu, 14/06/2012
Sha Zukang, Secretary-General of Rio+20, opened the 3rd Preparatory Meeting to the Rio Conference with a personal plea - "we can't fail!"

What future do you want?

Wed, 13/06/2012
Thousands of people are flying to RIO+20, showing so many people's committment to discuss the future we want.

Sustainablity: new 'Spotlight' on...

Tue, 12/06/2012
The decisions reached at RIO+20 will shape how society responses to the challenge of achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability. Read about sustainability on the new Spotlight on BirdLife's Data Zone.

Rio+20 - BirdLife urges governments to ensure...

Mon, 11/06/2012
The BirdLife Partenership is calling on governments attending Rio+20 to demonstrate global leadership to redirect the global economy towards a sustainable pathway.