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First Great Rift Valley sites are added to World...

Mon, 04/07/2011
The BirdLife Partnership have helped the Kenyan Government get the Kenya Lake System added to UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Tanzania steps up for the Serengeti and says ‘no...

Fri, 24/06/2011
Tanzanian Government has announced the proposed asphalt road will not be built.

'No Porto Fayoum' petition now online

Fri, 10/06/2011
Join in the campaign to save Lake Quaran and Gebel Qatrani in Egypt.

Monitoreo participativo de la avifauna en las IBA...

Mon, 23/05/2011
Como parte del proyecto “Gestión ambiental local para la conservación participativa de tres IBA en el noroccidente de Pichincha”, el monitoreo participativo es una actividad que permite conocer el estado de conservación de la avifauna de las IBA de Mindo y Estribaciones Occidental del Volcán Pichincha EC 043, Los Bancos-Milpe EC 041 y Río Caoní EC 040, así como que las comunidades locales intervengan en acciones directas de investigación y conservación de las áreas naturales.

“Porto fayoum” tourism development planned at...

Thu, 12/05/2011
The first development in an Egyptian protected area is planned by real estate developers.

Grupo Jaragua realiza visita al Parque Nacional...

Tue, 12/04/2011
Como parte de los proyectos de conservación y protección al medio ambiente y los recursos naturales en la República Dominicana, que realiza el Grupo Jaragua (BirdLife en República Dominicana), fue realizada la excursión al Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco , con el objetivo de incentivar a la visita del parque.

Laguna de Oviedo becomes a living classroom...

Tue, 12/04/2011
On 2 February, Grupo Jaragua (BirdLife in the Dominican Republic) started their 2011 calendar of environmental festivities by celebrating World Wetlands Day

Proud moment as BirdLife Partnership in Africa...

Fri, 08/04/2011
The BirdLife Partners in Africa have published a report on their experience of working with Site Support Groups.

African IBA monitoring project looks to...

Sun, 27/03/2011
African countries meet to look at how to meet their Convention of Biological Diversity obligations.

Volunteering the Danish Way

Fri, 18/03/2011
Bird conservation in Denmark has a long history and DOF, the Danish BirdLife Partner, is one of the oldest nature conservation societies in Europe. In 2002, inspired by similar examples from the BirdLife Partnership, DOF decided to establish groups of volunteers around each of their 128 IBAs.

Bird Clubs South Africa style

Fri, 18/03/2011
BirdLife South Africa (BLSA; BirdLife Partner) has a membership of around 6,700, of whom more than 5,000 are also members of Bird Clubs. The network of more than 40 Bird Club/branches and affiliates provides a great resource, which allows BLSA to achieve much more than it could through its dedicated staff alone.

Trees of Life

Wed, 26/01/2011
The name Hurricane Hole might conjure images of howling winds and crashing seas. In fact, this collection of bays on the southern shore of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a sheltered sanctuary whose crystalline waters offer safe haven for young fish.

Important Bird Areas in Asia: Key Sites for...

Mon, 10/01/2011
297 pages, £19, Available to buy. Important Bird Areas in Asia is the first comprehensive inventory of Asia's key sites for birds and biodiversity

Important Bird Areas in Europe: Priority Sites...

Mon, 10/01/2011
1600 pages, £35, Available to buy. Updated and extended, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the 3,619 most important sites for bird conservation in 51 European countries, equivalent to seven percent of the continent's land area.

Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean: Key Sites...

Mon, 10/01/2011
348 pages, £22.99, Available to buy. This publication puts a spotlight on the Caribbean network of Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated...

Mon, 10/01/2011
1144 pages, £14.99, Available to buy. This book details 1228 sites in 58 countries in Africa which support such threatened species, or meet other criteria to qualify as Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

Important Bird Areas of the Americas: Priority...

Mon, 10/01/2011
460 pages, £44.99, Available to buy. This book provides a concise summary of the 2345 Important Bird Areas in the Americas.

Important Bird Areas in the Middle East

Mon, 10/01/2011
410 pages, Out of print. This book identifies and describes the 391 sites most important for the conservation of these birds and other biodiversity.