2 Oct 2010

Protected Areas – Policy Briefing

By Nick Askew
This is an extract from the BirdLife Policy Brief for CBD COP-10, Nagoya - Protected Areas - Policy Brief Protected areas are a cornerstone of biodiversity conservation. The CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas (POWPA) has helped to galvanise action. BirdLife has been a member of the ‘Friends of POWPA’- an informal group of NGOs and Governments which has supported the CBD Secretariat to build capacity, raise awareness and encourage regular reporting on POWPA. BirdLife’s contribution to the objectives of POWPA range from direct ownership and management of reserves; support to national gap analyses using Important Bird Areas (IBA) approaches; promoting good governance, equity and participation; building capacity and raising funds, as well as implementing protected areas monitoring. Establishment of formal protected-area networks is often not sufficient to maintain their biodiversity. Many protected areas have effectively failed in their conservation objectives for want of resources, sound management and, in particular, local community support. At COP-10, apart from coverage, other issues for discussion include the roles of indigenous and local communities, improved management, protected areas financing, as well as protected areas and climate change.