30 Jun 2010

NCE’s Celebration of the World Environmental Day (5th June 2010) at Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, EGYPT

By Venancia.Ndoo
Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE, BirdLife in Egypt) is a non-government organization that is dedicated to the conservation of Egypt's natural heritage and the promotion of its sustainable use for the benefit of the present and future generations. NCE also seeks to build partnerships with local and international bodies with similar interests. It achieves these aims through demonstration of practical conservation measures, awareness raising activities, studies and lobbying. On the 5th June 2010’s World Environmental Day, NCE conducted activities aiming at raising public awareness, increasing interactions with other NGOs, meeting biodiversity and conservation specialists and guiding students. These activities were mainly the distribution of NCE newsletters and posters for the audience to know past activities and join future efforts of the organization. The posters included one on main concepts of biodiversity and nature conservation, Egypt protected areas and Important Bird Areas (IBAs) , Egypt habitats and the advert of a book titled "Nature day in Sallum, protect the environment to save your future". NCE also made a presentation explaining the importance of Egypt as bottle neck for migratory bird species and its work with raptor training that is organized in April every year. Most of the public and participants from different NGOs and institution were really interested in NCE’s activities and appreciated these efforts to make advanced steps in the conservation of Egyptian nature and co-operation with EEAA and most of them were interested in becoming members of NCE or even participate in our activities as volunteers. Media specialists were asked to be connected with NCE’s activities and show them so that the public is always updated on conservation efforts done in our country. Many students wished to see environmental educational programs incorporated in their school curricula. Everyone who attending this event expressed much appreciation towards the conservation work that NCE is doing in the country and wished to see more similar activities implemented on the ground. Photo: WED participants; left to right: Kohar Garo, Mary Megali, Basma Sheta, Hala Barakat and Mamdouh Ahmed © NCE Article prepared by Basma Sheta of NCE