7 Jul 2010

Music & Migration – YOUR Migration music!

By BirdLife Development
Since the January release of our Music & Migration compilation, lots of stuff has happened. Firstly, we want to thank everybody for supporting M&M and BirdLife's Flyways Programme. Never in our wildest dreams did we foresee the success of this project and we’re really grateful for all the encouraging messages and support we have received along the way. You have all helped to bring BirdLife's Flyway Programme and the importance of saving our migratory birds to the attention of many people who would otherwise have no knowledge of this important issue! All the feedback we have received has been so very encouraging and we’re definitely going to build on this and take Music & Migration to the next level. We have already started, in fact… This summer, we will present at the Port Eliot Festival, in Cornwall, where we are doing a Music & Migration session on Saturday July 24th. On September 4th we’re migrating to Southern Sweden for the Falsterbo Bird Show. Please do come and say hello if you happen to be around at either of these events. It’s July already and even though we feel like the summer has just begun, some bird species are already preparing their southbound journey to their winter quarters – wading birds that have been breeding in the Arctic are already on their way to sub-Saharan Africa and come August and September many other species will follow. To coincide with this years autumn migration, Second Language would like to invite you to express your love for our feathered friends and to show that we need to preserve the spectacle of bird migration! Send us your migration music! Therefore we encourage you to grab your instruments and record a migration-inspired piece of music for our Music & Migration MySpace page. Also, we would like you to tell us what the spectacle of bird migration means to you, so we hope you will send in a few lines alongside your music. We will then stream your track on the Music & Migration Myspace Don’t forget to include your recording name and track title Please send your track and notes to martin.musicandmigration@gmail.com We look forward to hearing your migration music and thus helping to take Music & Migration further, so we can do even more to raise awareness about BirdLife International's Flyways Programme and the threat to bird migration! Note: This invitation is for the Music & Migration Myspace / Facebook exclusively, Second Language will not be releasing the music. Also, you need to be the holder of full copyright for any submitted materials) By Martin Holm Photo credit: Galatee Films / Mathieu Simonet