2 Oct 2010

Indicators – Policy Briefing

By Nick Askew
This is an extract from the BirdLife Policy Brief for CBD COP-10, Nagoya - Indicators The world’s biodiversity is being lost faster than ever. As we destroy it, we lose its capacity to deliver ecosystem services such as crop pollination, freshwater provision and climate regulation upon which we all depend. Concerted and coordinated action by governments, businesses and civil societies is urgently needed to halt the loss of species and reverse the degradation and destruction of natural habitats. The world’s governments have made commitments through the CBD to tackle this issue and are poised to adopt a new Strategic Plan with 20 targets for 2020 to help frame and focus action. It is vital that effective indicators are developed and used to report against these targets in the years to come. These measures must be robust enough to be reliable and sensitive enough to demonstrate progress, or provide early warning of continued deterioration.