14 Jun 2011

An appeal for birds in French overseas departments

LPO/BirdLife France, with its NGO partners on the ground,  has for the first time of its history launched an appeal for the protection of birds and their habitats in the overseas departments of France. All funds raised will be dedicated for the LIFE+ CAP DOM programme. This campaign addresses real issues:  France’s world endangered and endemic biodiversity located in its overseas departments are under greater threat than elsewhere in France.  Halting biodiversity loss in the overseas departments would be a real indicator of our ability to reverse the trend as a whole. Supporting our campaign “Birds in French Overseas departments, it’s also OUR nature”, you can help us to lead concrete conservation actions in three French overseas departments: Reunion Island, Martinique and French Guiana! French overseas biodiversity in danger, Help us to save it ! To know more about the project LIFE+ CAP DOM : http://www.lifecapdom.org/ (website in French, English and Spanish)