3 Jun 2010

Amazing bird photo with a story - share yours!

By Nick Askew
They say an image speaks a thousand words, this incredible image of a Great Spotted Woodpecker hiding from it's attacker certainly does that. BirdLife spoke with the photographer, Robert Fuller, to find out more... "There was an interesting story behind this photo. I was photographing birds from my hide in the garden when I saw a sparrowhawk capture this woodpecker". "It was literally plucking the feathers from his back as I watched, and before I could stop myself I had jumped up and scared the sparrowhawk away". "The woodpecker limped across to this nearby post to catch its breath - it was clearly in great shock. With that the sparrowhawk swooped back to see what had happened to its prey, and landed on the same post to survey the scene." "What it didn't notice was that the woodpecker was directly beneath it on the post!" BirdLife has just launched a new Flickr Group for you to share your best images of birds and wildlife. If you've got some photos you'd like to share with the world, please join our FLickr group today. Click the play button below to see the latest from our Flickr group. Robert Fuller is one of Britain’s leading wildlife artists. He is also a passionate conservationist who combines his art with work to preserve the animals and birds he owes his livelihood to. Find out more at: http://www.robertefuller.com/