Middle East

Empowering BirdLife Network Organisations and Bird Conservation Programmes in the Gulf Countries

Walking with Nature Iraq. Photo: R. Porter

The Overall purpose of this initiative is to empower Gulf Countries current Partners, Partners Designates, & Affiliates to develop, strengthen and implement bird conservation programmes. This initiative shall be implemented through a joined and coordinated effort between BirdLife International and The Friends of Environment Center in Qatar  with an aim to establish, and operate a Birdlife liaison office. The specific objectives of this liaison office are:

  1. To support strengthening BirdLife network in the Gulf Countries through provision of technical support to develop, strengthen and implement priority bird conservation programmes as guided by BirdLife Strategy 2012-2017.
  2. To Fundraise directly, and/or facilitate fund mobilization to support Hima Fund investment capital, in order to sustain the fund granting schemes. Also to ensure a target of fundraising from 3 to 5 million Dollars and an allocated yearly budget to the IBAs/Hima fund running expenses from GCC.
  3. Adopt and execute Species/ IBA /Hima fundraising & promotional  plan for the years 2012-2015.
  4. Highlight Success stories of Hima revival in the region, supported by BirdLife and the Hima Fund, as case studies and lessons learned for community-based conservation, creating jobs and poverty alleviation.
  5. To identify and secure funds needed to support BirdLife Secretariat, partners, and their programs, especially on Species, IBAs, and Hima Programme.
  6. Increase Governments and donors awareness of the advantages of Hima revival to combat desertification, extinction of species, conservation of IBAs, climate change, and to fulfill their obligations under international environmental agreements and conventions.

This initiative is a two phase programme:

Phase One: Establishing and operating the BL-GCC Liaison Office at FEC.

During this phase, starting upon signing this MOU, both FEC and BirdLife Secretariat will coordinate efforts to achieve the following outputs and activities:

Output 1: A fully operating BL-GCC Liaison Office at FEC

  •          FEC to offer a fully furnished office space at FEC premises, equipped with a computer (preferably a Lap top), internet access, communication tools and stationeries, transport means (preferably a vehicle and its running cost) for the use of the BirdLife nominated Liaison Officer.
  •          FEC to secure Visa and residence permits for the nominated Liaison Officer and other visiting staff likely to provide technical support as required.
  •          BirdLife to nominate the Liaison Officer with TORs as presented below.


Output 2: An agreed BirdLife marketing and fundraising plan developed and initiated

  •          Birdlife Secretariat, The Middle East Regional Executive Committee and the Liaison Officer to prepare and start the implementation of a marketing and fundraising plan for the first six months.
  •          Identify a short list for possible individual and corporate donors in Qatar, and organise a special fundraising dinner in Doha with the Patronage of H.H. Princess Jawaher under the title of 'Socially Responsible and Environmentally wise Businessmen'. This  fundraiser should combine the objective of promoting BirdLife Partnership in the region, build a network of supporters and generate a profit to be invested in the continuation of this agreement. Targets and distribution of the profit from the fundraiser will be developed in due course and agreed by the parties.
  •          FEC to introduce the Officer to all relevant and potential stakeholders. Including the donor community in Qatar willing to support the Hima fund, and other NGO strengthening, capacity building initiatives and regional bird conservation programmes.
  •          Put together a short list for potential donors in the Gulf region (through partners' collaborative efforts).
  •          Where corporate are identified, BirdLife Corporate due Diligence guidance on potential sponsorship and partnerships are applied.
  •          Meeting with GCC Board, Executive Director General, to try to allocate a yearly budget to the Hima Fund.
  •          Sponsorship of Middle East partnership participation in BirdLife World Congress in June 2013, Canada, with agreed event and session support, and potentially the attendance of high level representatives and VIPs from the region.


Phase Two: The Full  Implementation Phase

Duration: Four Years (expected to be 2013-2017)

Upon the successful implementation of Phase One and the assessment of achieved outputs and implemented activities, by both BL and FEC, a longer term Phase Two will be designed and agreed upon by the parties. The workplan, targets and budget for Phase Two will be agreed in due course, in the light of the results and opportunities built during Phase One.