Middle East

Jordan Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)

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Founded in 1966
Members: 375
Staff: 280
PO Box 6354, Jubeiha-Abu-Nusseir Circle 11183, Amman, JO

Mission of the organisation

RSCN will create, manage and advocate for a national network of protected areas to conserve Jordan’s biodiversity and support local community development, while promoting wider public support and action for the protection of the natural environment within Jordan and neighbouring countries.


Key Activities

  • The Government gave RSCN official delegation to establish and manage protected areas, through the signing an historic agreement with the Ministry of environment.
  • Concepts of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture were integrated within new Ministry of Agriculture strategies
  • Long term conservation of important biodiversity areas within the Jordan Valley was secured through the integration of these areas within the Valley's land use plan
  • The danger of the copper mining in the Dana Biosphere Nature Reserve was prevented by a new agreement from the Cabinet, which prohibits all types of mining within the reserve
  • Regulations to support the enforcement of the new Agriculture Law were developed in issues related to wildlife protection, hunting regulation, animal testing, bird ringing, and animal welfare in zoos
  • The pioneering partnership between RSCN and the Police Department was further developed to activate the enforcement of wildlife protections laws and regulations
  • The Ministry of Education supported RSCN in production of a specialized education CD about protected areas. This CD will be used by the Ministry to complement the school curriculum. The CD was produced by generous funding from the Dutch Embassy