Middle East
10 Jan 2011

Important Bird Areas in the Middle East

By Rory Mccann
Edited by MI Evans, 410 pages Out of Print The Middle East contains some of the largest wetland, steppe desert and marine ecosystems in the world, providing habitats for more than 800 species of bird, of which more than 60 are endemic. This book identifies and describes the 391 sites most important for the conservation of these birds and other biodiversity. Maps, tables and line drawings show site locations, species and population data. The whole Middle East is covered, from the Levant and Arabia to the West Himalayas. The only book of its kind, Important Bird Areas in the Middle East is currently being used by conservationists developing systems of site protection in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Its usefulness to conservationists cannot be overstated" - Birding World. "An essential tool for decision makers in the Middle East, but will also become an invaluable guide for visiting birdwatchers" - Species.