Director of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Conservation Program - Pronatura Mexico

Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 31. July 2018 - 23:45

Pronatura Mexico are looking for a Director of the Terrestrial Exosystems Conservation Program

Pronatura Noroeste is the regional representation of the Pronatura National System, the oldest and largest conservation organization in Mexico. Its mission is "the conservation of the flora, fauna and priority ecosystems of northwestern Mexico, to promote the development of society in harmony with nature."  
The Directorate of the Pronatura Noroeste Land Ecosystem Conservation Program is supervised by the Executive Directorate of the organization, and is responsible for:  
1. Define the objectives of short, medium and long term, and design strategies, actions and indicators of progress of the set of projects of the organization that focus, in general terms, on the conservation and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and its components in northwestern Mexico;
2. Manage the resources necessary to achieve these objectives;
3. Supervise the implementation of projects and actions established in agreements with funding entities, authorities and partners of the organization, ensuring that the results achieved have the quality and impact committed, and that they contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the organizational mission;
4. Promote intra- and inter-institutional collaboration through effective communication and articulation with other programs;  
Pronatura Noroeste carries out its work in the ecoregions of the peninsula of Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa and Nayarit, the western slopes of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco and Colima, the Gulf of California and its islands, and the exclusive economic zone of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean, corresponding to the mentioned coastal states.  
The Directorate of the Pronatura Noroeste Land Ecosystem Conservation Program is based in Ensenada, Baja California. 
Basic requirements:  
▪ Education: Degree in discipline related to the study, use or administration of the environment and / or resources and natural areas, with a master's degree, specialty and / or proven experience in environmental matters.
▪ Substantial experience within managerial positions.
▪ Availability to settle permanently in Ensenada, Baja California.
▪ Have a valid passport and visa for the USA
▪ Availability to travel and have a driver's license.  
Essential knowledge:  
▪ Design of proposals for biological-environmental conservation projects.
▪ Financial management before governments, foundations, civil organizations, companies and any other financing entity.
▪ Planning, coordination and supervision of conservation projects.
▪ Management of relations with partners, media, financial entities, government agencies and other actors related to the topics related to the program under their responsibility.
▪ Project management and personnel supervision.
▪ Excellent writing in Spanish. Advanced written and oral English. 
Main responsibilities:  
▪ Collaborate in the design and implementation of institutional strategic planning.
▪ Represent Pronatura Noroeste in the topics related to the program under its responsibility.
▪ Define the projects to be implemented in the program under their charge, integrate the corresponding proposals, identify suitable funding entities for them, and manage the resources necessary for the implementation of their corresponding annual work plan, coordinating with the other directors of the organization to strengthen institutional financing and avoid internal competition.
▪ Select, hire, supervise and periodically evaluate the personnel required to implement the projects and actions of the program under their responsibility.
▪ Supervise the implementation and full compliance of the activities and commitments considered in the work plans of the program, and provide the necessary human, material and technical resources for that purpose.
▪ Develop and maintain an appropriate working relationship with the authorities, government agencies, academic institutions, partners and communities in the work areas.
▪ Prepare scientific, technical and / or dissemination publications that suit the objectives of the program in their charge and the positioning of the organization in the subject in question. partners and communities of the work areas.
Salary and benefits: The salary is competitive and depends on the skills, knowledge and experience of the candidate.  
Necessary documentation:  
Those interested should send the following documents in PDF format:
1. Curriculum summary.
2. Letter of intention in Spanish.
3. Written in English on the role of civil society in the conservation of Mexico's natural heritage (maximum two pages).
4. Name, phone number and email address of three references, including your immediate previous employer.  
Document delivery:  
▪ Send documentation by email to:
▪ The subject of the email must say: Address of Program_ (your surname).
▪ The call will be open until July 31, 2018. We suggest sending your documents as soon as possible, because if we find the right person, the closing of this call will be anticipated.
▪ Only pre-selected candidates will be notified via email, and a telephone interview will be scheduled afterwards.