Data analyst for KBA Secretariat

Application deadline: 
Friday, 20. July 2018 - 23:45

The Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Secretariat has been recently established to support the KBA Partnership to identify sites that are important for the global persistence of biodiversity around the World. The Global Standard for the Identification of KBAs published in 2016 describes the five main classes with 11 criteria that are needed to identify KBAs. To date, KBAs for birds have been identified in most countries using Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) criteria which pre-date but are similar to the KBA criteria. 
The KBA Secretariat* together with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) are seeking a data analyst to create lists of potential KBA trigger species and intersect the distributions of these species with existing KBAs and protected areas to identify sites that might potentially meet KBA criteria for mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other selected taxa. The KBA Programme is starting to establish KBA National Coordination Groups (NCG) in countries to coordinate the process of identifying, documenting and monitoring KBAs in each country. The provision of lists of potential trigger species and sites to consider will be an essential starting point for NCGs seeking to identify KBAs. The KBA Analyst will work closely with the Head of the KBA Secretariat as well as senior scientists in BirdLife International, IUCN and WCS to undertake an assessment of potential KBAs for each species. We expect the successful applicant to be proficient in coding with R or other programming languages such as Python, to have expertise in spatial analyses and use of GIS, and to have experience manipulating and analysing large datasets.  Ideally they will have some experience in conservation or environmental science. 
The position will be for an initial period of one year but it is planned it will be extended to further years if additional funding is obtained. The successful applicant will initially be contracted by WCS and based in the David Attenborough Building at Cambridge University working with staff at the KBA Secretariat, BirdLife International, IUCN and WCS.  Salary will be based on applicant’s experience and qualifications and will be between £25,000-£32,000/year depending on experience. Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK and not require a work permit.
Please submit a CV and cover letter to Andrew Plumptre, Head KBA Secretariat by e-mail to by 20th July 2018.  A terms of reference for the position can also be obtained from this address. 
*Co-hosted by BirdLife International and IUCN and physically located in the BirdLife International offices