Coordinator of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme - Czech Society for Ornithology

Application deadline: 
Sunday, 3. September 2017 - 23:45

Position: Coordinator of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme
Full time
Fixed contract for 2 years
Salary: 29 000,- CZK Brutto
Place: CSO office, Na Bělidle 34, Praha 5, Czechia
Reporting to: Project manager (head of International monitoring & research).
Main contacts/areas for liaison:
 CSO staff in International monitoring & research unit
 Other CSO staff, especially Financial manager and accountant
 Project Steering & Technical Group
 Statistics Netherlands
 EBCC national delegates, BirdLife partners in Europe, national/regional monitoring coordinators
 EBCC Board
 BirdLife International
 European Commission
Overall purpose of the job:
The Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) is an international project which aims to use birds as indicators of wider environment through production of Pan-European bird indices and indicators (more info at A job holder will coordinate the core activities of the project and will be responsible for the grant supporting the core PECBMS activities.  A successful candidate will have a chance to participate in important international projects linking science, nature conservation and policy at European level, to develop his/her career further in friendly environment of Czech Society for Orngitholoy and its partners in Europe.
Main duties:
 Bird monitoring data collation, management, preparation of data for analysis
 Production of European population trends and indices using established statistical procedures
 Management of network of cooperating individuals and organisations
 Expert advice on monitoring methods, data management and analyses to coordinators of national monitoring schemes in Europe
 Collation and updating information on monitoring schemes in Europe
 Interpretation and presentation of project results, incl. conferences and other meetings
 Office management, project technical administration
 Organisation of meetings, workshops and other events
 Reporting to the main stakeholders of the project incl. delivery of the project financial and technical reports
 Coordination of other tasks in liaison with other team members:
o Improvement & management of the project web site
o Development of on-line tools for data collation and quality control
o Promotion of the project and its outputs
o Production of publicity and promotional materials
o Preparation of scientific publications
o Raising funds for continuation of the project
 Production of project reports
Other relevant factors of the job:
Occasionally the job requires travelling abroad incl. weekends.
Requirements (essential):
 University education (MSc degree min)
 Large experience in management of biological data
 Experience in active participation in research/conservation grants
 Communication skills and English language
 Very good knowledge of MS Office incl. MS Access
 Good knowledge of principles of setting-up databases for large data sets
 Knowledge of European birds (biology, distribution, determination)
 Knowledge of statistical analysis of biological data
 Good knowledge of EU institutions and their structure
 Flexibility
 Ability to learn quickly
 Ability to cooperate with people from diverse cultural and economical environment
Requirements (preferable):
 Degree in natural sciences (zoology, ecology)
 Knowledge of R
 Knowledge of TRIM
 Other European languages
 Experience in grant management, management of web pages, oral presentations at international meetings/conferences, organising meetings, workshops, conferences
 Participation in bird monitoring scheme
 Work with volunteers in ornithology/nature conservation, active work as a volunteer in ornithology/nature conservation
 Experience in administration of projects in NGOs
 Experience in production of semi-popular promotional materials (leaflets, brochures)
 Deeper computer skills incl. databases, GIS and programming
 Knowledge of field monitoring methods in ornithology
Suitable candidates should apply enclosing a full CV and motivation letter (both in English) to Jana Škorpilová, PECBMS coordinator, Czech Society for Ornithology, e-mail, in copy to Applicants should receive a confirmation of a reception of their application. Selected candidates will be invited to interview which will take place in CSO office in Prague in September 2017. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Closing date: September 3, 2017.