Consultancy: Photographers to document BirdLife International’s project in Cabo Verde

Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 15. June 2021 - 23:45

National Individual Contractors Roster: Photographers to document BirdLife International’s project in Cabo Verde

BirdLife International and its partners in West Africa are committed to ensuring continued implementation of seabirds’ conservation actions in Cabo Verde beyond 2022. There is recognition that seabirds in Cabo Verde are an important attribute of their national biodiversity and cultural heritage. Yet, they face significant threats from human disturbances, invasive alien species, fishing bycatch, among others. Building on the progress made with support from MAVA, there will be continued strengthening of the national partners which will result in a growing cadre of conservationists with direct experience and qualifications in seabird research, monitoring, management and fundraising.  
Within the Conserving the seabirds of Cabo Verde project, BirdLife International aims to document the seabird species and colonies, as well as partners’ actions in the field, through high-quality photo and videographic material. The footage will be used for scientific publications, donor reports, website, social media, and other documents. BirdLife International is eliciting the assistance of highly skilled renowned photographers to illustrate some of the project key sites in Cabo Verde (Desert islands, Rombo islets and Fogo island), seabird species and partners’ actions (scientific work and awareness activities). 
2. Purpose of the contract:  
BirdLife International is seeking professional photographers to document BirdLife International’s project in Cabo Verde. All candidates who will accumulate the minimum points required for technical qualification will be included in the BirdLife International roster of photographers and contacted for photography tasks on an as-needed basis. The selected photographs will be used for BirdLife International advocacy and communication purposes and be published in various publications, websites, presentations and communication for development campaign materials.  
3. Objectives of the consultancy:  
The contractors shall provide BirdLife International with photography services on the selected project sites of BirdLife International’s advocacy and programme communication activities.  
4. Details of how the work should be delivered:  
The contractor will provide digital photographs and videos of the selected project sites to be used for articles, interest stories, social media materials, campaign publications, and website content in September 2021 and March 2022. 
• Field photographic services will be required in July/August 2021 and January/February 2022. 
• The contractor must have good command of own photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, lights, filters, tripods, drone), as well as photo-related image editing software.  
• Service provision will include field trips to BirdLife International project sites within the country and communities in which BirdLife International’s project partners are present to capture the images of seabirds species and partners’ actions (scientific work and awareness activities). 
• In addition to supplying photos and videos, the photographer will also be required to submit photo captions. The captions should include name of the species included in the photo, project partner and location, and description of the photo.  
• On assignment for BirdLife International, the photographer is expected to show appropriate sensitivity towards the species and people they are photographing. Photographer is also required to follow BirdLife’s communication policies, and to comply with relevant national and international ethical policies and procedures. BirdLife International applicable guidelines and policies will be provided upon contract signature.  
For more information, please review the Terms of Reference. Technical proposal should be submitted before June 15th, 2021 to