Call for tenders: Development of a logo for the Natura Alert mobile app

Application deadline: 
Sunday, 8. July 2018 - 12:00

A call for applications by BirdLife International


Deadline: 8th July 2018 a12:00 CET


1.            Background and context

In September 2015, BirdLife International started a new EU funded project to connect citizens with satellite imagery to transform environmental decision making: LandSense, a Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use Land Cover Monitoring.

LandSense is an international project funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, with the overall aim of uncovering the potential of Citizen Science and Earth Observation to improve the way we see, map, and understand the world.

Formed by a strong multidisciplinary consortium of 18 institutions (research institutes, SMEs, NGOs, public bodies) from 8 countries, LandSense team has in-depth experience in the science, technology, business and policy components of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) monitoring and citizen science.

BirdLife International is leading Demonstration Case 3, focused on connecting citizens with satellite imagery to transform environmental decision making by monitoring habitats and threats to biodiversity within IBAs and KBAs of Spain and Indonesia. Our Partners SEO/Birdlife (Spain) and Burung Indonesia are responsible for the stakeholder inclusion and engagement of IBA caretakers and Local Conservation Groups.

A key deliverable of the project and a major innovation in the monitoring of important bird and biodiversity areas will be the Natura Alert mobile app. This mobile app has been developed by the International Institute of Applied Systems (IIASA) and the beta version is currently available on Play Store (

The mobile app will be used for data collection in Spain and Indonesia by hundreds of BirdLife volunteers and other citizens, but the potential for scaling up in European countries where BirdLife has Partners is very high.


We are looking for an eye-catching app logo that pulls citizens towards Natura Alert. Its design is essential for uptake among BirdLife network and its thousands of volunteers: it needs to be creative and attractive and showcase the critical role of citizens in protecting nature by reporting threats to the environment. The app aims to empower citizens and uncover the potential of citizen science and earth observation to improve the way we see, map, and understand the world.


2.            Identification of the applicant

The applicant must include:

-                   CV and cover letter

-                   Portfolio

-                   Budget


Applicants must provide the following information:

-                   For legal persons, a legible copy of the notice of appointment of the persons authorised to represent the tenderer in dealings with third parties and in legal proceedings, or a copy of the publication of such appointment if the legislation which applies to the legal entity concerned requires such publication. Any delegation of this authorisation to another representative not indicated in the official appointment must be evidenced.

-                   For natural persons, where applicable, a proof of registration on a professional or trade register or any other official document showing the registration number.


3.            Evaluation and award

In order to be eligible for this call, the applicant shall:

-                   Ideally, have previous experience designing mobile app logos (if yes please send examples)

-                   Remain available for regular meeting and contacts with BirdLife International and IIASA staff responsible for this project


Having examined the applications from a technical point of view, the evaluation committee, formed by the coordinator of the project and senior staff from BirdLife International, will proceed considering which is the economically most advantageous offer taking into account only those tenders that have fulfilled the conditions explained above.

The evaluation committee will then proceed with the financial comparison of the applications retained for further consideration according to the ranking procedure below.

BirdLife International reserves the right not to select any applications if the amounts exceed the budget envisaged for this project.


4. Timeframe and Financial offer

The deadline for submitting proposals is 8th July, 2018 at 12:00 CET. The proposals should be sent to Sofia Capellan ( by email only.

Results will be communicated by email. Only the winning applicant will be contacted.

The successful candidate must deliver 3 logo designs to BirdLife International by the 23rd of July at 12:00 CET.

The budget for the project: EUR 600 (including VAT). To be paid in two instalments, the first 50% after signature of the contract and the second after completion of the work.

Any offers received that do not respect the upper limit will be automatically excluded from the evaluation procedure.

The price for the tender must be quoted in euro. Tenderers from countries outside the euro zone have to quote their prices in euro. The price quoted may not be revised in line with exchange rate movements. It is for the tenderer to assume the risks or the benefits deriving from any variation.


5.            Further information and contact:

Sofia Capellan

IBA Officer for Europe and Central Asia

The David Attenborough Building, CB2 3QZ CAMBRIDGE (UK)

Phone: +44 (0) 122 37 47 613