Call for tender - Terms of Reference ‘Best practices on sensitivity mapping in the EU’ Consultant

Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 23. October 2018 - 12:00

BirdLife International is a global Partnership of autonomous, national non-governmental conservation organisations, with a large grassroots membership, in 120 countries and territories. BirdLife works together as a Partnership to conserve wild birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, by working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. BirdLife is the global authority on the status of bird species, has unparalleled technical expertise in bird and biodiversity assessment, and provides a global outreach through its national Partners and decent3ralised Secretariat.  
BirdLife Europe and Central Asia is the regional division of BirdLife International, and is one of the six BirdLife regional offices around the world. It is composed of an international team of permanent staff working on conservation, capacity building, policy, management, finance, fundraising, advocacy, science, communication, marketing and administration. Stichting BirdLife Europe supports the European and Central Asia Partnership of BirdLife International, which consists of 45 independent, grassroots Civil Society Organisations, governed by a democratic programme.
Stichting BirdLife Europe is looking for a consultant that could carry out a desk study on ‘Best practices on sensitivity mapping in the EU’.
As part of the European Commission service contract “Reviewing and mitigating the impacts of renewable energy developments on species and habitats protected under the Bird and Habitat Directives”, BirdLife is preparing a toolkit outlining best practice approaches to Wildlife Sensitivity Mapping. It is now widely recognised that the most successful way to ensure that renewable energy developments do not have a detrimental impact on wildlife is to site them away from sensitive areas. Decision support tools incorporating wildlife sensitivity mapping have emerged as a key way to achieve this. The consultant will help BirdLife staff on collecting information on best practices in datasets, methods and technologies most suitable within an EU context.
Help the BirdLife team on a technical review of approaches on wildlife sensitivity mapping for renewable energy in the European Union, with particular (but not restricted to) focus on the United Kingdom. 
The information collected on the existing wildlife sensitivity mapping approaches will include information on its use in collaboration with end-user groups, formally or informally adoption by national or regional planning authorities, integration in the planning process, multi species approach etc
Prepare a technical review of existing offshore sensitivity mapping approaches applicable to renewable energy deployment.
Coordinate the BirdLife Partners review of the final draft of both the report on best practices of sensitivity mapping and the toolkit.
Attend regular meetings online or face-to-face, with BirdLife staff to review progress.
Have a relevant academic degree (additional work experience may be accepted in lieu of this);
Have relevant experience with implementation of the EU Nature Directives;
Have a sound grasp of the operation of EU institutions and EU environmental law;
Have very good understanding of conservation issues linked to impact of renewable energy, and have a sound understanding of the basic issues surrounding 
Have excellent communications skills;
Speak and write English fluently, with fluency in other EU languages being considered an asset.
The budget for the project: EUR 10 000 (excluding VAT).
To be paid in two instalments, the first 50% after signature of the contract and the second after completion of the work and final reporting.
Any offers received that do not respect the upper limit will be automatically excluded from the evaluation procedure.
The price for the tender must be quoted in euro. Tenderers from countries outside the euro zone have to quote their prices in euro. The price quoted may not be revised in line with exchange rate movements. It is for the tenderer to assume the risks or the benefits deriving from any variation.
Prospective consultants are invited to submit proposals before Tuesday 23th October 2018, 12:00 CET. The proposals should be sent to (by email only) specifying the following:
Number of person days they would be ready to provide over 3 months, starting early November 2018
Daily rate and total proposed budget, VAT excluded 
Competence/experience of the person who would actually be providing the service; CV and cover letter describing how the service is going to be rendered to be attached
Commitment to pursue the above mentioned objectives for the duration of the project;
Date when consultant would be able to start.