A Summit for the Flyways

April 23rd-26th 2018 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Declaration of the Global Flyways Summit

Connecting Nature, Connecting People


From 23-26 April 2018, government, donor, private sector, research, NGO and international convention representatives, from more than 70 countries and 100 organisations, gathered in Abu Dhabi for the first Global Flyways Summit. This unprecedented meeting brought together actors and decision-makers from all eight flyways of the world to address the critical declines in many migratory bird populations. The outcomes of the Summit were informed by the release of the State of the World’s Birds 2018; of the world’s 11,000 bird species, one in five are migratory, of which nearly 40% are in decline, with one in nine being threatened with global extinction.

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Coastal Wetlands

Energy Infrastructure

Illegal Killing of Birds

Saker Falcon

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New Sociable Lapwing habitats discovered in Uzbekistan News 12 April 2016
Very little was known about the Critically Endangered species' migratory route through Central and South Asia. That could soon change.
Finnish team wins third 'Champions of the Flyway' race News 11 April 2016
In all, 243 species were seen during the 24 hours of the race by all teams.
Striking the wind beneath migratory birds’ wings News 10 March 2016
Since wind keeps birds in the air and drives turbines that produce energy, migratory routes see regular human-avian conflict. No points for guessing who wins.
Migrating through the energy maze News 1 September 2015
Energy production is increasingly catching up to illegal killing, poisoning and habitat destruction as a major danger to migratory birds.
A Hot Race for Bird Conservation News 31 March 2015
  Nearly 24 hours side by side, some of the world’s finest birders competed against each other in Israel, in a hot race to raise money for bird conservation.
The Migratory Landbirds Study Group (MLSG) Basic page 7 October 2014
The Migrant Landbird Study Group (MLSG) is an initiative aimed at streamlining research efforts to better inform conservation policies for migratory landbirds in the African-Eurasian flyway region (particularly Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia).
Manuals for empowering Africa’s citizens to conserve migratory birds News 24 September 2014
The BirdLife Africa Secretariat in conjunction with BirdLife Poland recently adapted and launched an African teacher’s manuals for Grades 1-3 and 4-6. The teacher’s manuals cover topics such as bird identification, bird behavior, the concept of migration and the challenges birds face along the routes. The manuals also provide interactive and interesting games for the children.
Action taken for flyways - international counts and conferences working for conservation News 4 February 2014
Early in January and February events have been taking place to protect the Wadden Sea and migration routes along the East Atlantic.
Regional Workshop on Mainstreaming Migratory Soaring Birds’ Considerations in the Energy Sector News 15 December 2012
The workshop will bring together leading experts from both the energy and nature conservation sectors to tackle bird mortality in energy infrastructure in the Middle East Region
On the road to a common ground for Ethiopia’s energy plans and conservation of migratory soaring birds News 19 November 2012
Stakeholders in an energy workshop discuss the common need to promote renewable energy while ensuring that considerations of the risks to migratory soaring birds are made during the planning and operational processes of wind, solar and transmission lines developments.
Managing Effects of Wind Power on Birds and Bats News 30 October 2012
The ‘Birds and Bats Master Class’ being held in conjunction with the Clean Technology Fund’s Pilot Countries meeting will enable a range of different parties to come together, including countries where more wind projects are expected in the pipeline.