Forest Governance

Fidelis Nick has been working for the Tenkile Conservation Alliance since 1999 © David Zeller
“Nature and forest are part of my life” – we interview a forest protector News 20 May 2021
Fidelis Nick was born in a remote village in Papua New Guinea and is now Project Officer for Tenkile Conservation Alliance. We sought his unique perspective on forest conservation.
The Mama-Mama gather to monitor the forests of Mbeliling © Muhammad Meisa
From rural housewives to Mother Guards of the forest News 15 October 2020
Meet the “Mama-Mama Penjaga Mbeliling” – a group of Indonesian women who believe their duty of care extends far beyond just their children. Taking the future of the forest under their wing, they are unafraid to challenge destructive practices.
Women are speaking out in defence of a healthy environment © Princess del Castillo
Meet the female forest defenders of the Philippines News 7 August 2020
Hear the stories of the inspirational Filipino women unafraid to take a stand against the destruction of their forest homes, and how we’re fighting for their right to a healthy environment.
Rhinoceros Hornbill © Yeap Chin Aik
Why birds are the answer to saving Malaysian forests News 27 July 2020
Often dressed in bright colours and with absurdly bulky bills, hornbills are remarkable-looking birds. But their value goes far beyond their aesthetics: they have become the key to saving some of Malaysia’s most precious forests.
Belum-Temengor in Malaysia, one of the project sites © Malaysian Nature Society
Annual forest governance review goes ahead virtually News 21 May 2020
In May, members of the Asia-Pacific Forest Governance project met to report on achievements of the past year and discuss the future of forest governance in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea: here are our key takeaways.
Founders Jim & Jean Thomas won the Future for Nature Award © Tenkile Conservation Alliance
Why people and forests need tree kangaroos News 20 March 2020
What started out as a mission to save tree kangaroos has transformed the lives of over 13,000 people and boosted the conservation of some of Papua New Guinea’s most biodiverse and globally important rainforests.
Malaysia’s Next Generation of Conservation Leaders News 7 August 2019
For nearly 80 years, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has led the way for conservation and environmental stewardship in Malaysia.
New Eyes and Ears for the Forest News 23 July 2019
The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) in Malaysia just deputized 30 Honorary Wildlife Rangers from civil society organisations for the first time since its inception. The training course was provided to members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Kuching Branch through a unique partnership between the government and non-government organisations.
ROM meeting with indigenous people in Philippines
Results Oriented Monitoring Review News 3 June 2019
European Union commissioned review to examine project status
Forests and Biodiversity News 22 May 2019
Forests play a crucial role in protecting wildlife. Unfortunately, they are being lost at an alarming rate. Can local forest governance help protect them?
Forest Governance in Southeast Asia and Pacific: Year Two Review Completed News 24 April 2019
From March 25-29, members of the Forest Governance project met in Malaysia to discuss the project status, identify challenges, and ensure successful delivery of the project. Here's what they discussed and decided.
A Helmeted Hornbill guards its nest, hidden in the tree. © Thipwan / Shutterstock
Saving the Helmeted Hornbill News 18 December 2018
The Helmeted Hornbill is under threat from a resurgence in demand for carvings made from its solid red casque. The trade is so intense that the bird is now Critically Endangered. Can it be saved?