Forest Governance

Malaysia’s Next Generation of Conservation Leaders News 7 August 2019
For nearly 80 years, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has led the way for conservation and environmental stewardship in Malaysia.
New Eyes and Ears for the Forest News 23 July 2019
The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) in Malaysia just deputized 30 Honorary Wildlife Rangers from civil society organisations for the first time since its inception. The training course was provided to members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Kuching Branch through a unique partnership between the government and non-government organisations.
ROM meeting with indigenous people in Philippines
Results Oriented Monitoring Review News 3 June 2019
European Union commissioned review to examine project status
Forests and Biodiversity News 22 May 2019
Forests play a crucial role in protecting wildlife. Unfortunately, they are being lost at an alarming rate. Can local forest governance help protect them?
Forest Governance in Southeast Asia and Pacific: Year Two Review Completed News 24 April 2019
From March 25-29, members of the Forest Governance project met in Malaysia to discuss the project status, identify challenges, and ensure successful delivery of the project. Here's what they discussed and decided.
A Helmeted Hornbill guards its nest, hidden in the tree. © Thipwan / Shutterstock
Saving the Helmeted Hornbill News 18 December 2018
The Helmeted Hornbill is under threat from a resurgence in demand for carvings made from its solid red casque. The trade is so intense that the bird is now Critically Endangered. Can it be saved?
The Helmeted Hornbill (Critically Endangered) is one of innumerable bird species that will benefit from the Program © Bjorn Olesen
Satellite tracking app empowers communities to protect their own forest News 22 January 2018
This year we’re launching an innovative new programme using satellite technology and a mobile phone app to help locals monitor their forests. The Asia-Pacific Forest Governance Project, led by BirdLife and funded by the European Union, aims to involve the community in conservation and policy-making