Eastern Afromontane hotspot news


The Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot is one of the Earth’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, the most biologically rich yet threatened areas around the globe. The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) has invested USD 12 million in this amazing hotspot (2012-2020). BirdLife International was the Regional Implementation Team (RIT) that facilitated this investment.

CEPF supported civil society groups to conserve Key Biodiversity Areas, and the species who live at these priority sites, in the region. This page provides news from the field, to show you who has been implementing this much-needed work, where, how, and to what effect.

No mountain was too high, no species too 'uncharismatic', no threat too scary - CEPF grantees have been going out of their way to protect this region's unique biodiversity. Read their stories, here below.

Lake Ol Bolossat is a key habitat for Endangered birds such as the Grey Crowned-crane © Fabian Haas
Rapid response turns shrinking Kenyan lake into protected area News 14 March 2018
Lake Ol Bolossat is home to thriving hippopotamus families and a wealth of stunning waterbirds. But human activity is drying up this oasis of life. Just in the nick of time, a CEPF-funded campaign persuaded the Kenyan Government to grant formal protection.
Masangoni Birdlife Group treasure their local forests News 15 February 2018
The 45 members of the Masangoni Birdlife Group have been awarded the status of Nature's Heroes, for their work in protecting the biodiversity of one of Zimbabwe's most rugged and inaccessible Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs).
Masterclass participants at the end of training © Jude Fuhnwi
How to design a conservation project: masterclass turns ideas into reality News 17 January 2018
In November 2017, conservationists from four East African countries attended a masterclass in designing effective conservation projects. This has enabled them to create projects that can influence private companies, public policies, and secure the long-term future of the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot
Mount Mabu is famous for its old-growth rainforest © Julian Bayliss
Five years' success for African mountain hotspot - bring on phase two! News 10 January 2018
Five years ago, Birdlife International was granted the funding to manage the rich but highly threatened biodiversity of the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot. As the first five-year phase comes to a close, we reflect on the successes, lessons learned, and how to make this work last long into the future.
Local communities champion production of fuel efficient stoves © ARECO
Fuel efficient stoves reduce tree cutting in Rwanda forest News 15 November 2017
Association Rwandaise des Ecologistes (ARECO) are providing the local communities with improved fuel efficient stoves that reduce firewood consumption in households as part of efforts to save the Cyamudongo forest.
Trekking root towards the lodge
Walk the walk Basic page 25 September 2017
Ecotourism in Ethiopia  
Verreauxs eagle.
Celebrating 5 years of CEPF investment in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot Basic page 7 September 2017
  After 5 years of CEPF investment across the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot, we would like to share some good news - and some amazing images  
LEM Ethiopia
THIS IS OUR LAND Basic page 5 September 2017
Restoration of degraded land in Ethiopia inspires local community to participate in conservation  
Nigussie stakeholders visiting project site
SOME LIKE IT HOT Basic page 28 August 2017
A CEPF-funded project in Ethiopia conserves indigenous Cordia trees through local pepper production  
Stamp of labeobarbus
…and thanks for all the fish Basic page 17 August 2017
CEPF-funded project in Ethiopia protects endemic fish species in Lake Tana
Exercise time © EAM RIT
Conservation in a Social Context News 30 June 2017
Biodiversity conservation is ultimately a social process. CEPF grantees in the Eastern Afromontane hotspot learned how to work better with people to protect nature more effectively.
Women conservationists involved in CEPF funded projects © Anthony Ochieng
Female conservationists agree to bridge gender gap in conservation News 10 May 2017
Women in conservation involved in CEPF funded projects in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot meet in Rwanda.