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As of June 26, 2019, the new Governance of the Grassland Alliance was approved, in a workshop held in Montevideo, between the founding partners, Aves Uruguay, Aves Argentinas, SAVE Brazil, Guyra Paraguay and the Secretariat of the Americas from BirdLife International.

According to the approved Regulation, the basic definitions, goals and objectives are updated, and governance is changed, now going to function through a Regional Council and National Directive Boards, which acquire greater prominence and level of decisions in the national activities of each partner.


Regional Council

The Regional Council is made up of a representative from each of the founding organizations (Aves Argentinas, Aves Uruguay, Guyra Paraguay and SAVE Brasil) and a representative from BirdLife International, totaling five minimum positions. Additionally and optionally (not mandatory) each of the countries (and through the respective National Directive Board) may appoint an additional representative of each country, from the productive, academic or research / extension sectors, to serve on the Council Regional, totaling a maximum possible integration of 9 positions. Additionally (with voice, but without vote), the Regional Council may invite people with recognized backgrounds in the Grassland Alliance to participate, on a temporary basis.


National Directive Boards

The National Directive Board is the decision-making body of the Grassland Alliance in each of the four countries. This National Directive Board commands the institutional life of the Grassland Alliance in its respective country, with the number of members it deems necessary, being a recommendation of between seven and nine members for honorary participation. The National Directive Board is made up of civil society actors from each of the four countries, representatives of the productive, academic and conservation sectors with a clear position regarding sustainable production. The National Directive Board has autonomy to make strategic and technical decisions regarding the Grassland Alliance in its respective country. Despite this autonomy, it is very important to seek alignments between the decisions of the different National Directive Boards and the Regional Council.


Grasslands Alliance Regional Coordinator

It is who coordinates the regional activities of the Grassland Alliance itself, interacting with the Regional Council and the National Boards (through the respective National Coordinators), and the general public at the regional level. Leads the construction of regional processes (Regional Strategy, Action Plans). The position of Regional Coordinator will be covered by “open competition”, and his election will fall to the Regional Council and BirdLife International. Its main function is to manage and strengthen the regional character of the Grassland Alliance, keep the parties and society communicated, create strategic relationships, develop the Strategy and Action Plans, seek funding for regional projects and / or initiatives, review the progress of concrete actions, and ensure compliance with agreed actions.


Grasslands Alliance National Coordinators

They are the executive references (managers) of the Grassland Alliance and the main point of contact for the Alliance in their respective countries. The National Coordinator represents the direct link with the National Directive Board (field led by him) and with the Regional Coordinator of the Alliance (with whom he must maintain fluid communication), and will coordinate the actions within his country. It will also maintain communication with its peers from other countries for alignment and exchange of experiences through electronic meetings whenever necessary.