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Global Big Day 2023Learn Count Share

Join BirdLife and Global Birding for Global Big Day on 13th May 2023. Help others learn and share your passion for birds, while raising vital funds to protect threatened species and habitats.

Anyone can take part, and download eBird’s free resources to help ID the birds you see!


Go out and count all the birds you see on 13th May 2023


Share what you find on the day with your friends, and online to a huge community of nature lovers!

This Global Big Day, join our flock for a celebration of the birds around you.

No matter where you are, you can be a citizen scientist and collect essential data about the birds you see.

Take part as a team or an individual, just go out to watch birds on 13th May and enjoy time in nature. Report what you see and hear on eBird and your observations will help scientists better understand global bird populations.

Follow Global Birding’s Facebook Page community to be inspired to enjoy our natural world and help raise funds for global bird conservation.

Don’t forget to register at Global Birding and set up your eBird account!


Want to fundraise for while you birdwatch?

It’s easy to fundraise before, during and after the Global Big Day to help look after the birds you care about.