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Global Big Day 2022 10 Years to Save the Planet

Join BirdLife and Global Birding for Global Big Day 2022 on 14th May 2022. Fundraise while you count birds and fight the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Two people holding binoculars watch a flock of birds landing on a body of water.

This Global Big Day, join our flock for an annual celebration of the birds around you. No matter where you are, you can be a citizen scientist and collect essential data about the birds around you.

Take part as a team or an individual, just go out birding on 14th May 2022 and enjoy a day in nature. Report what you see and hear on eBird and your observations will help scientists better understand global bird populations.

Follow Global Birding’s Facebook Page community to be inspired to enjoy our natural world and help raise funds for global bird conservation.

Don’t forget to register at Global Birding and set up your eBird account.

BirdLife International, at 100 years old, is the world’s largest and oldest international partnership for nature and people. Fighting on the frontline of conservation for a century, we know that the next decade is critical and we need everyone to join us in our fight to save nature.

Join us now and fight for the future of birds and people.