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Every conservationist knows that we are stronger when we work together. The Asia-Pacific Forest Governance Project is led by BirdLife International in partnership with NGOs in each of the focal countries, and funded by the European Union. Together, we can take our individual efforts and scale them up to a new level, sharing our knowledge and resources.



BirdLife International
The world’s largest nature conservation partnership, consisting of 122 independent, national, non-governmental nature conservation organisations. Through our unique local-to-global approach, we deliver high impact and long-term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

Burung Indonesia
Burung Indonesia (BirdLife in Indonesia) is a guardian of Indonesia’s wild birds and their habitats, working with people for sustainable development.

Haribon Foundation
The Haribon Foundation (BirdLife in the Philippines) is the Philippines’ pioneer environmental organization, with 40 years of committed biodiversity conservation and community work.

Malaysian Nature Society
MNS (BirdLife in Malaysia) promotes the conservation of Malaysia’s natural heritage, and is Malaysia’s oldest, membership-based environmental non-profit organisation.

Tenkile Conservation Alliance
TCA works with local communities in Papua New Guinea to protect biodiversity for future generations, focusing on research, development, education and sustainable livelihoods.

Centre for International Development and Training
As part of the University of Wolverhampton, CIDT provides capacity strengthening for development.

University of Papua New Guinea
A leading teaching and research University in Papua New Guinea, based in Port Moresby, founded on 50 years of experience.

By joining forces, we can create a power greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we can take our individual efforts and scale them up to a new level, sharing our knowledge and resources. We’ll be taking expert advice from governments and specialists, and using our unique local-to-global approach to make it work in practice:



Our aim is to make a lasting improvement in forest conservation both at a regional and global level, paving the way for future collaborations using a similar model.


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