Europe and Central Asia

The High Caucasus

Svaneti region © Brecht Verhelst

This fascinating, isolated mountain range is an important habitat for many endemic species, including two species of ibex – the East and West Caucasian Tur. The Caucasian Snowcock resides only in these mountains, in rocky places above 3000 m. Rhododendron covered slopes are home to the Caucasian Black Grouse, males of which compete for females every spring on snow-covered ‘lekking sites’. The small range of these species and their dependence on high-altitude environments make them vulnerable to climate change. SABUKO (BirdLife Georgia) is carefully monitoring the state of populations, raising awareness about the plight of these birds, and supporting the development of new protected areas in their range.

Below, you can watch footage of Caucasian Snowcocks in Dachi. The video was shot by Dachi Shoshitashvili.


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