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Projects to tackle illegal killing of birds

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    Conservation of Imperial eagles by managing human-eagle conflicts in Hungary

    The main objective of the project is to maintain the increasing population trend of the eastern imperial eagle in Hungary by significantly reducing non-natural mortality rates.

    Partners: MME (BirdLife in Hungary)

    Duration: 2012 - 2016

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  • Safe Haven for Wild Birds

    Changing attitudes towards illegal killing in North Mediterranean for European Biodiversity

    The overall objective of the project is to reduce illegal killing of protected wild birds in three EU countries: Italy, Greece and Spain.

    Partners: LIPU (BirdLife in Italy), HOS (BirdLife in Greece) and SEO/BirdLife (BirdLife in Spain)

    Duration: 2012 - 2016

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  • Bird Migration and Trapping

    Changing cultural attitudes to Trapping in order to facilitate implementation of the Birds Directive in Malta

    The project aims to raise awareness among trappers and local communities in Malta about the damage to wild songbird populations caused by trapping.

    Partners: BirdLife Malta

    Duration: 2009 - 2011

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  • The Return of the Neophron

    The project aims to improve the conservation status of the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Greece and Bulgaria. It will seek to secure the protection of all the remaining pairs found in 15 Natura 2000 sites in Greece and in 12 sites in Bulgaria.

    Lead Partner: BSPB (BirdLife in Bulgaria)

    Duration: 2011 - 2016

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