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Seabirds and Marine - Take Action

Five things you can do to protect and raise awareness about seabirds

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    Talk about it

    Tweet and make #saveseabirds a trending topic. Post a Facebook status about the Seabird Resource Hub. Do you have a blog? Write about protecting the ocean and seabirds.

    Knowledge is a powerful tool. The more people learn about seabirds and the need to protect them, the more hands-on actions there will be.

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    Change the politics

    Contact your government representatives, including your local, regional, national and European politicians.

    Demand that they take action to protect the ocean, stop seabird byctach, stop polluting EU seas with litter, designate and manage marine protected areas, and take steps to reverse global warming.

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    Change your lifestyle

    Live a more sustainable lifestyle. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) and limit the amount of waste that you produce. Support ocean-friendly businesses, including fishermen who are environmentally conscious. Walk, bike or ride the bus, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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    Hands-on activities

    Join an action near you, or start your own! Many organisations, including BirdLife partners, and local communities put together meaningful field projects which might range from picking up litter at the beach, to counting birds from a boat. Volunteer to make a difference.

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    Whether you prefer helping BirdLife and its partners or your local community project, the oceans need your help and a little financial help goes a long way.

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    Make a Difference

    However you decide to do your part to save seabirds and their marine habitats, be proactive! Don't expect or wait for other people to save them.


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