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EuroBirdPortal – A new way to follow birds in real-time across Europe

Today, the live version of the LIVE EuroBirdPortal (EBP) viewer was released. Now up-to-date bird movements that take place across Europe are just one click away.

The ‘LIVE EBP’ viewer shows the distribution of 105 bird species on weekly animated maps spanning from January 2010 up to the current week. This is an unprecedented development in European ornithology and a landmark in the mobilisation of citizen science data which includes the participation of more than 22 European BirdLife partners stretching from Norway to all the way down to the Mediterranean.

The whole content is updated on a daily basis with the information collected by the EBP partner's online bird portals: ~120,000 new bird records per day, amounting to an astonishing ~45 million new bird records every year).

An EU LIFE grant has made possible the mobilisation of such a huge quantity of information in near real-time. Thanks to the development of the new central EBP database repository and an automatic data-flow system, 15 15 different online bird recording systems (99.2% of the whole EBP data) are connected to the central database. Following Swallows and Cuckoos as they undertake their journeys through Europe is now a reality.

Ivan Ramirez, BirdLife Europe Head of Conservation, said “This is a huge success for citizen science. You can now pick a species and see its migration in real time. Kudos to all of the EuroBirdPortal partners who have made this possible and especially to the broad contributions of BirdLife partners.We especially salute the EU’s LIFE project for making this truly European project come to life by going LIVE!” 

Gabriel Gargallo, EBP project coordinator, said: “Bird movements have always fascinated people. Where are the swallows now? Can I expect to hear my first cuckoo soon? With the LIVE EBP viewer, we are very happy to be able to show bird movements across the continent, freely accessible to anyone and in near real time.



Notes for Editors

  1. There are nearly 20 different online systems operating in Europe and the main purpose of the EBP is to combine their data in order to describe large scale spatiotemporal patterns of bird distribution and their changes over time. The fact that online bird portals collect data from all bird species and all year-round is what makes them uniquely valuable for this purpose.
  2. The LIFE EBP project has a duration of a bit more of three years (January 2016 to April 2019) and an overall cost of 510.557€, of which 60% are financed by the European Union:
  3. The EBCC is an association under Dutch Law of like-minded expert ornithologists co-operating in a range of ways to improve bird monitoring and atlas work and thereby inform and improve the management and conservation of bird populations in Europe. For more information see:
  4. Bird Numbers 2019, the 21st Conference of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC), will take place from 8 to 13 April at Évora (Portugal). EBCC conferences are held every three years and bring together people involved in bird monitoring, research and conservation across Europe and beyond. For more information see:


Contact Information


Gabriel Gargallo
EBP Project Coordination

ICO - Catalan Ornithological Institute
Museu de Ciències Naturals, Passeig Picasso s/n, 08003 Barcelona
office: 00 34 93 458 78 93
Mobile: 00 34 680 560 184


Dr. Ruud Foppen
EBCC Chairman

SOVON - Dutch Centre for field ornithology
Natuurplaza, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen
phone: 024 7 410 415 email: