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BirdLife Europe & Central Asia - Statement 21 November 2017

BirdLife statement on the ECJ ruling on Bialowieza

While BirdLife Europe & Central Asia applauds the EU Court of Justice ruling that Poland is subject to a potential daily fine of EUR 100,000 if they continue logging the precious EU protected World Heritage site Bialowieza Forest, the decision is unfortunately, and inexplicably, long overdue. And it must be noted that the decision to impose these fines is not retroactive for the destruction already wrought nor is it immediately to be imposed without yet another ruling necessary in the event the logging continues. We sincerely hope that the Polish government steps back from the brink, protects our natural heritage, and ceases, once and for all, this wholesale carnage against one of the last remaining primeval forests we share.

Ariel Brunner, Senior Head of EU Policy, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia stated: “Enough is enough. EU Member States cannot pick and choose those elements of the rule of law they like as if in a fast food diner. Poland must immediately stop contemptuously destroying Bialowieza and the EU must immediately back up this reassuring court decision with action if one more tree is felled. Polish citizens, largely opposed to the logging, shouldn’t have to pay for their government’s arrogance.”

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