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BirdLife Europe & Central Asia - Press release 13 September 2017

BirdLife Europe reaction to European Parliament plenary vote on LULUCF 13 September 2017

Today the European Parliament’s plenary finalized its position on the LULUCF regulation which defines the role of land and forests in the EU’s 2030 climate policy framework.

BirdLife Europe regrets that the already compromised report of the ENVI Committee was further weakened with an EPP group amendment added in the Plenary.

Sini Eräjää, EU Bioenergy Policy Officer, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia: “Today’s vote makes it too easy for countries to reduce the carbon sinks of forests without having to account for them. Unfortunately, this is something that many countries are planning to do in the unjustified name of the bio-economy and bioenergy. It is now up to the Council to restore some integrity to the EU’s climate mitigation efforts and to ensure that climate impacts of forest harvesting are, at the very least, accounted for.”

Ariel Brunner, Senior Head of Policy, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia: “Hiding emissions through rigged accounting can’t fool the atmosphere. If we don’t keep the carbon in the forest, we’ll have it in our atmosphere, it really is that simple. Today’s vote undermines and is an insult to all the work done to fight climate change, which will affect everyone on our planet including farmers and forest owners.”


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