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Iceland - Fuglavernd – BirdLife Iceland (ISPB)

BirdLife Partner Designate

Founded in 1963
Members: 1300
Staff: 5
Hverfisgata 105, 101 Reykjavík, IS, IS-101  
+354 562 0477


Mission of the organisation

Fuglavernd's mission is the protection of birds and their habitats 

Key Activities

  • Lobbying for the conservation of IBAs in Iceland.
  • Campaigning for wetland restoration and conservation. Wetlands in the lowlands of Iceland have been severely affected by drainage operations during last century
  • Long-term monitoring of the White-tailed Eagle in cooperation with Icelandic Institute of Natural History, see
  • Running the Flói bird reserve run with the cooperation of the Árborg community.
  • Empowering people through Education and Volunteer work.
  • Raise Public Awareness using Digital and Social Media as well as Traditional Media and Public Relations.
  • Publications are information leaflets, Fuglar Magazine, books for education in kindergarten and elementary schools.
  • Events are birdwatching, photo shows, conferences, seminars and volunteer guided walks in our bird sanctuaries.