Europe and Central Asia

Bulgaria – Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1988
Members: 928
Staff: 39
Yavorov complex, bl. 71, vh. 4, ap.1, Postal: PO Box 50, Sofia, BG, BG-Sofia 1111
Tel. +359 2 9799 500 ; Fax +359 2 9799 501

Mission of the organisation

To work for the protection of birds, their habitats and sites and thus contribute to the conservation of biological diversity and the well-being of people.

Key Activities

  • Field conservation work - implementation of direct 'in situ' conservation measures - Eastern Rhodopi (focusing on: Vultures, Birds of Prey);Poda Lagoon (focusing on: management of the protected area:
  • Wetland Bird Diversity, Migration Stop-over, Education programmes with the schools in the city of Burgas, Eco-tourism development);
  • Yatata Protected Area (management of the PA, raising awareness in the local community, grazing management, Eco-tourism development);
  • Sakar Mountains region (Imperial Eagle protection, development and implementation of a National Species Action Plan), etc.
  • Advocacy and legal advisory (work on drafting and consultation of legislation, contribution to national strategies and strategic planning -Biological Diversity, Forest Management,Water Management, Hunting; Development and contribution to Managmentt Plans of protected areas; EU Enlargement issues and impact on nature protection; Participation in EIA process)
  • Education and public awareness campaigning: publications, postcard campaigns, working with the media; In 2000 BSPB organised a National Youth Competition for Essays titled "Wild Nature as a Part of My Living Environment" - over 1200 participants (aged 14-20) - broad media coverage.