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Our dialogue with FACE


    In 2001, following many years of conflict between conservation and hunting organisations, the European Commission launched the Sustainable Hunting Initiative (SHI) in order to achieve dialogue between stakeholders and eventually to make hunting sustainable across the EU. The initiative is based on a number of proposed steps and objectives, that are to be achieved jointly by EU Institutions, Member State governments and key stakeholders.

    As a key element and success of the SHI, in 2004, BirdLife International and FACE (the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU) – have concluded a ten-point agreement on hunting under the EU Birds Directive which was the start of a regular dialogue at EU level, and increasingly at national level.

    With this agreement both organisations recognise the Birds Directive as an appropriate instrument for the conservation of wild birds and their habitats, including for huntable bird species. Both organisations agreed to cooperate on a number of conservation objectives, such as supporting the Natura 2000 Network, reforming agricultural policy and phasing out the use of lead shot in wetlands.




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    FACE is the European Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation. More information on FACE's website.

    EU Sustainable Hunting Initiative

    In 2001, the Commission launched an EU ‘Sustainable Hunting Initiative’ in order to help improve the understanding of the legal and technical aspects of the Directive’s provisions on hunting and to develop a programme of scientific, conservation and awareness raising measures to promote sustainable hunting in accordance with the Directive.

    BirdLife and FACE

    In 2004, the key partners of the Sustainable Hunting Initiative  – BirdLife International and FACE (the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU) – reached an agreement on ten points which will enable hunting to continue within a well-regulated framework, whilst fully respecting the provisions of the Directive. The agreement was signed at a high profile event on the 12th October 2004 and marks the beginning of the end of more than a decade of emotive conflict.


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