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Online community guidelines | BirdLife Europe and Central Asia


At BirdLife Europe and Central Asia, we are lucky to have an amazing online community: our people are kind, curious and respectful admirers of the natural world, passionate about protecting wildlife in general and birds in particular – and we want it to stay that way.

We have developed the following community guidelines to make sure we can all enjoy a positive and engaging online environment. These guidelines apply to all our social media accounts.


  • Be respectful

  • Stay on topic

  • Engage with our content

  • Engage in conversation with each other

  • Call out/report inappropriate comments


  • Post anything hateful. Homophobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination have no place in our community.

  • Encourage or suggest illegal activity or violence

  • Post advertisements

  • Post unintelligible or irrelevant content

  • Spam

  • Be creepy with others (you know what we mean)

To the extent that each respective social media platform allows, we reserve the right to remove posts or ban users that do not respect our community guidelines.

We do our best to moderate swiftly, but some inappropriate posts may sometimes pass under the radar. We are not responsible for the content posted by others on our pages. Thank you for your patience, and feel free to report inappropriate posts to the social media platform.

When seeing bad faith anti-nature comments under a post, we would advise you not to engage with them: you’ll only be maximising their visibility. Write a positive comment or retweet/like/uplift another positive comment instead. The anti-nature posters are not acting in good faith, debating them will not be productive. When walking in parks or nature reserves you might see signs that say “do not feed the birds.” Online, please, do not feed the trolls. :)