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BirdLife Europe latest publications                                          

·         Vote for our planet – an environmental vision for the 2009-2014 European Parliament

·         BirdLife Europe Annual report



BirdLife Europe Newsletters                                          

·         BirdLife Europe e-news

·         Farming For Life - on Agriculture

·         Greening Europe – BirdLife Europe’s key to a successful EU Presidency



Latest publications

Vote for our planet - An environmental vision for the 2009-2014 European Parliament

BirdLife recently published a Manifesto on the European elections, highlighting the numerous challenges Europe faces. Many economic problems are closely linked to the environment but often at their root is the unsustainable way in which we use our finite natural resources. To download the manifesto click here (315 KB).

BirdLife Europe Annual Report

Download the 2011 Annual report of BirdLife Europe here
Annual Report of the year: 2010 - 2009


BirdLife Europe Newsletters

BirdLife Europe e-news- BirdLife International Electronic newsletter

Since September 2008, BirdLife Europe issues a monthly e-newsletter. You can subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by filling out our newsletter subscription form.

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