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5 Aug 2012

Win a prize by capturing the beauty of Nature!

By BirdLife Europe

Arts and media seem to be increasingly interested in the protection of the environment and the beauty of the wildlife that surrounds us. BirdLife Europe promoted several biodiversity photo competitions last year. A photo competition opened to young conservationists, launched by the Future for Nature Foundation, offers to reward winners with €50,000. Film is also becoming a popular wildlife art form: the tve biomovies competition offers a prize of US$ 1500 to talented amateur film makers for short films about important environmental issues.

Are you an outstanding, talented and young conservationist? Or do you know someone who fits this profile? The Future for Nature Award 2013 rewards individuals for their internationally outstanding efforts in species protection. You or your colleague might be eligible for one of the three Future for Nature Awards of € 50.000 each! Interested? Applications should be submitted by September 7th, 2012, via

An independent, international selection committee, consisting of eminent conservationists, will choose the Award Winners. The Future for Nature Award will be issued in March/April 2013 at the Future for Nature Conference at Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem, in the Netherlands. For specific information, application criteria and the application form, visit the website tve biomovies in collaboration with Youtube awards prizes for short films about environmental issues.

Creativity is the key for success so animations, documentaries, dramas or comedy sketches are warmly welcomed! For information, visit the website where you can also view last year’s winning films.  5 topic categories will be rewarded with a prize of US$ 1500: seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, women and climate change, sustainable living and recycling. More information about these categories can be found here.

Film makers must first submit a proposal outlining the sort of film they want to make and a judging panel will select and offer US$300 (payable on delivery of the film) to ten applicants to help them to create their productions. The shortlisted films will then be posted on YouTube and the finalists will have two months to generate as many views as possible using tools such as social networking or word-of-mouth. A prize of US$1500 will be awarded to the film in each category that receives the most hits. The finalists’ films will also be shown in Qatar at the UN COP18 Conference in November. This competition aims to give amateur film makers the opportunity to display their skills, while at the same time spreading their message to a global audience at a time when their chosen topic is current and vitally important.

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