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1 May 2018

Why Europe should invest in nature

© Bogdan Boev
By Iván Ramírez

As the European Union prepares to present its next budget, our Head of Conservation Iván Ramírez pens a satirical open letter about a very serious issue to President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. He invites him to imagine the rich returns – ecological AND economic – Europe would get if only it invested in nature.


Dear Mr Juncker

In less than 48 hours you will be presenting the next MFF (Multi-Annual Financial Framework) – otherwise known as the EU Budget. You will defend a plan to spend our money wisely, and we all know that the pressure is mounting. The world is watching you…and we want to help. Experts around the globe agree that the best investments are those that maximise the value of your money – doing so not only by returning significant amounts, but also by making you feel part of the process. Well, we may have just found what you were looking for: Welcome to “NATURE bank”!

The largest network: You don’t need to search for a NATURE bank office near you, we are simply everywhere. More than 27,000 Natura 2000 offices, present both on land and marine seas are awaiting you.[1] Leave the room and wander around, clean air and water, superb meeting rooms, top trained staff and unbeatable investment conditions are at offer, want to try? Click here and we will be delighted to study your case in detail.

The CAP: 50 years of investing more than 40% of your budget in the very same service – Unsustainable Farming. You know that it doesn’t work and we know that too. NATURE bank has studied the case, listened to a quarter of a million of citizens[2] and found the solution. Those who produce according to agreed sustainable criteria will receive our funds. Those who don’t will be excluded. We have designed a brand new auditing and monitoring tool ready to check implementation. Our money cannot simply go astray.

LIFE: Our all-time classic, rebooted. You are currently dedicating 0,3% of our money to the LIFE Programme. Our experts found that even with that ridiculous amount, LIFE has created 74,500 jobs, an economic growth of 9.3 billion EUR from 2009-2015.  But there is more, the non – market value of the results achieved through nature projects alone is estimated to be 43 billion EUR. As your colleagues would say…if it works…multiply it!! NATURE bank will invest 1% of the budget in the LIFE programme. We have already saved many species and habitats from extinction with 0,3%...make it 1% and let your imagination go wild…NATURE bank will do the rest. 

Intelligent banking: The EU’s 508 million inhabitants have analysed the last MFF and the results are clear, only NATURE bank will allow you to meet the 2030 agenda for sustainable development[3]. NATURE bank does not follow last-minute trends. It offers solid, permanent return for your money by making sure that every single euro you invest is spent in a sustainable manner.

Your food, your future: NATURE bank pioneered joint-ventures with the EU farming community and the results are simply amazing. From 2,6 hectares in 2002 to 12 million hectares in 2016[4], organic farming continues to grow at a rate of 400,000 hectares per year. Your investment simply cannot fail. Thousands of jobs created, rural abandonment reverted and recurrent increases in species trends confirm than your money will not only bring you delicious food, it will also secure the conditions for your next generations to enjoy.

The climate package: one of our latest services, and already a proven success. Let us put your money into restoring damaged ecosystems by applying the latest technology. In less than a decade your money will yield climate resilient areas where economic activity can thrive. Have a look at our coastal wetland restoration services, or maybe at the peatlands one. Multiply your investment by estimating the ecosystem services your money can produce and smile.

Nature bank uses the latest financial algorithms to deliver tangible profits right at your doorstep. And it does so because it uses the best artificial intelligence available. It reads our minds, it provides well-being assets, it makes us smile.


Join us, join NATURE bank


Ivan Ramirez

Head of Conservation


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