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18 Apr 2011

Tribute to conservationist Roger Jordan


The conservationist Roger Jordan (born 26.-01-42, passed away 02-04-2011) campaigned tirelessly against illegal hunting of birds. To help with the italian antipoaching campain of LIPU (BirdLife Partner in Italy), Roger founded the LIPU UK branch in 1989.  He worked hard to raise funds for protecting the migrating birds through Calabria and Sicily where a lot of birds of prey are killed when approaching these coastlines. He helped to raise awareness of the issues especially at events such as the British Birdwatching Fair. LIPU UK raised more than £250,000 for conservation work in Italy. Illegal hunting of birds of prey as they head north over Italy has been reduced drastically in the past 20 years and Roger's input and efforts helped LIPU and others to achieve this. "Roger was one of those rare people who are able to inspire others to do greater things than they thought possible," said Giancarlo Polinori, a board member of LIPU. Roger was a brillant teacher of state politics, but conservation was his greatest passion and from 1974 he decided to dedicate his life to protect the enviroment and animals.

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