Europe and Central Asia
15 Apr 2011

Spring Alive Launched in Poland


OTOP (BirdLife in Poland), the international coordinator of BirdLife’s Spring Alive campaign, has just launched its national campaign through its ambassador Odeta Moro-Figureska, a well-known Polish TV personality. Over 4000 migrant bird observations are already registered on the international Spring Alive website, with Poland holding third position among national observation counts. Last year over 100,000 observations were gathered, of which 7500 came from Poland. At OTOP’s launch, journalists and Ms. Moro-Figureska joined in a bird-watching walk together with children from local kindergartens and primary schools. Ms. Moro-Figurska, also mother to 8-year-old daughter Sonia, says of her Spring Alive experience so far: “Children eagerly participate in Spring Alive as it combines fun and education. They love watching birds, and it creates a need to learn much more about them and become bird experts! It is extremely important to encourage young people to be aware and care about nature. I hope my role of Spring Alive Ambassador will help me reach and persuade more people to look around to find spring messengers.” The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey, where participants register their first bird sightings online during each Spring, creating a ‘map’ of the Spring arrivals of 5 bird species across Europe. Participation is very simple and great fun for both children and adults. Spring Alive receives its funds from the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa. For more information or to register your own sightings, check out the Spring Alive website.

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