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7 Dec 2011

Sponsor and protect a Cory’s Shearwater,SPEA’s bird of the year 2011

By BirdLife Europe

The Portuguese Society for the studies of birds, SPEA (BirdLife in Portugal), launched its campaign 'Travel with the Bird of the Year' in order to raise funds which will be used to determine priority areas for conservation. Those areas will be based on the flight of the Bird of the Year 2011,  Cory's Shearwater. The campaign will run until the end of 2011 and will aim at  making  people aware of the threats to Cory’s Shearwater and other marine species face, and aims at allowing SPEA to continue to preserve Cory's Shearwater populations and other marine bird species, With a donation of € 5 to € 100, the "godfather" will receive more information about his “protected bird” and its journeys. Moreover, the donations will permit to follow the shearwaters in their travels, by marking them with a GPS-logger (small electronic device with a mini-GPS) in order to know the important areas for feeding and reproduction. Each ‘electronic travel of these shearwaters costs € 100, that is why one Cory’s Shearwater can have several “godfathers”: each donation will be added in order to reach the € 100. These data will represent strong scientific arguments which allow SPEA to convince the authorities to designate areas as marine Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and to implement conservation measures aiming to protect the marine species linked to these areas, e.g. the Cory’s Shearwater. Each bird sponsored will be marked by a metal identification ring that will be sent to the “godfather”, as well as a Google Earth map with the journey made while it was marked; the location and date of departure and arrival; number of kilometers travelled; age or date of ringing; and in some cases the gender. You can make a difference today through a donation to SPEA Donate now with the reference “travelbird” to: IBAN: PT 50.0033.0000.00260345382.05 Code SWIFT: BCOMPTPL And you will receive information about your species within a few days. For more information please visit SPEA/ BirdLife in Portugal website: Or contact Joana Domingues, Responsible for Communication at the SPEA/ BirdLife in Portugal, at joana.domingues[at]

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